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    1. Service hotline:+86-(0)22-26976731



      Multi-layer Co-extrusion Plastic Sheet Line

      PC Plastic Sheet Line

      PET sheet production line

      Multi-layer Co-extrusion Plastic Sheet Line

      PVC Floor Sheet Line

      Polyolefin Plastic Board Line

      PMMA Plastic Board Line


      Tianjin HENGRUI Plastic Machinery Co. Ltd (hereinafter to be referred as Tianjin HENGRUI Company) is a private stock company, which locates in Beichen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Tianjin city. The HENGRUI Company was founded in 1994 and covers an area of 1.76 hm2. There are about 100 staffs in the company. Twenty of them are engineers and 50 per cent of them have been engaging in plastic manufacture for 15~30 years. 

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